Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MMS of Kerala mallu girl in a computer centre

Her name is Anjali, 23 years and she is a student in a computer centre in Trichur in Kerala. Her classamte Arun, 19 year old is a cute guy and both having an affair going on. They often meet in her house when she is alone. This is how it started. They both reached the computer center one hour earlier to do the practicals. The teacher gave them some assignments and left saying he will return after one hour. The students both started working on the computer. Anjali got some doubt on the assignment and asked Arun to help her. Then Arun moved beside Anjali and started checking the errrors. While typing in her computer, his hand accidentally touches her boobs and noticed that she enjoys being touched. He got a bit excited an started touching her boobs as if it was an accident. She enjoyed it and slowly moved forward. Now while he was explaining her the errors, her soft boobs were touching his arms. He got excited and grabbed her right boobs and squeezed it gently. He lowered her chudidar and started licking her nipples. He could feel her nipples getting harder in his mouth. They decided to meet in her house after the class since her parents were at work. He took a picture of her in his mobile and then he wanted to take a clip of her boobs in his mobile.