Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guy and girl enjoys in a Crowded bus

Ours is society with lots of constraints where no pubs or discos are common where a guy and a girl can usually meet and become friends. We don't have a public meeting place where a man can meet a woman or a woman can meet a man to share their emotions. But our desires to know each other, whether is a man or woman never stops. So the crowded public places like shopping malls, crowded buses, crowded festival possessions turns out to be the meeting places for them to quench their desires.

There are lot of men and women who enjoy traveling in crowded buses. Both of them loves touching each other depending on their circumstances. Here is a glimpse of a school boy and a school girl traveling in a bus. He stays behind her by touching her back with his manhood. She enjoys him rubbing her from behind. She considers it as an appreciation for her womanhood.